Why switch to a wooden comb?

Posted by Eliza Barnes on

Wooden combs can have many benefits for your hair and scalp, including:
  • No static
    Wooden combs don't conduct static electricity like plastic combs, which can help prevent tangles and breakage.
  • Promotes hair growth
    Wooden combs can improve scalp circulation, which increases blood flow and oxygen supply to hair follicles.
  • Dandruff
    Wooden combs' softer, rounded teeth won't nick and cut the scalp, reducing the risk of dandruff.
  • Prevents breakage
    Wooden combs slide smoothly through the hair, leading to less breakage and damage.
  • Removes foreign particles
    Wooden combs can help to remove settled particles and open up the pores allowing the scalp to breathe.
  • Distributes natural oils
    Wooden combs more easily distribute natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand, leaving your hair less greasy looking and healthier.
  • Eco-friendly
    Wooden combs are made from a renewable resource, so they can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. 
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