Why Are Organic Products Better?

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Why Organic?

Organic products are better because they are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic hormones. Organic produce also contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, organic farming practices help to protect soil quality, reduce water pollution, and promote biodiversity. Furthermore, organic products are free of GMO ingredients, meaning that you can be sure that what you apply / consume is natural and free of any potentially hazardous ingredients. By choosing organic items, you can be sure that your food and products are safe and healthy for you and the environment.

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How to choose the right organic store and products for you.

  1. Read labels closely and look for organic or USDA certified organic indicators on the packaging. Although this may have a USDA Stamp, closely read the ingredients of all your products. When in doubt, lookup what you can not understand.

  2. By law, companies can call a product organic if they have 70% of an ingredient that is organic. This leaves 30% to add synthetics, fragrances, harsh chemicals, un natural preservatives and more that can over power all natural/ organic ingredients which can cause numerous health problems.

  3. Research the company and their production processes to ensure they are using sustainable practices. Choose local and small businesses to shop from. Your Products are more likely to be fresher, more organic, non gmo and no synthetics. This also supports local farmers, gardeners, herbalists and others who grow and research your ingredients to provide you with the best products. 

  4. Select products that are free from synthetic additives and synthetic preservatives. There are Products that do have natural preservatives to help prevent mold and bacteria. If it does not say natural preservative, this could mean there are many synthetics that can cause issues with your skin and internal body.

  5. Look for organic certification seals and logos from credible sources like the USDA or other organizations such as Fair Trade or EcoCert. Shop around, read reviews and look at the online ingredients businesses use.

  6. If you want to purchase from a small business, either starting out, in the growing stages or even on the rise, you can always reach out with an email, chat, social media or call to gather more information about products your interested in. This also gives you a 1:1 conversation with the actual creator rather than a customer service rep.


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